3 New Technologies that Grabbed the Market in 2017


For the tech enthusiasts, it has been a great year. The technology industry has given a number of outstanding new products. These technologies have made our lives better and have created a new field to explore. Here are the most demanding technologies of this year.


Samsung Galaxy S8

The much-awaited smartphone finally launched this year. It has a beautiful screen and long battery life. As a bonus, it comes with a great camera too. Its display is curved and you get a feeling of a screen without any border. The phone is great for watching movies and playing a game.

Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat is a popular social network. It introduced it’s video-recording spectacles last year. The glasses look very stylish and it is very easy to set it up. You can get high-quality video from it. So, you can create videos easily and share it with your friends on Snapchat.

eSight 3

This device helps blind people to navigate. It is an excellent video display and high navigation camera. It shows live feed before the wearer’s eyes. It is lightweight and a hands-free device. It can provide directions and read out things for the wearer.

These new technologies have been a great success. People have embraced these new technologies. These new technologies have improved people’s lives. In future, we hope to see better technologies that will take our lives to a new level of comfort. The year 2017 had been a great year for the technology industry.