What are the Biggest Companies in the US Cannabis Industry?


The US cannabis industry is growing at a very fast rate. Whether it’s medical or recreational cannabis, there is a huge demand for this product in the US market. In many states, marijuana is made legal. According to a report, it is suggested that by 2019 the cannabis market will be worth $11 billion annually. The cannabis companies in California hold the biggest market player. It is followed by the Colorado-based companies. Here are the top cannabis companies in the US.



It is one of the largest cannabis companies in the US. It is located in Denver, CO. The company is known to make the finest cannabis in the industry. They pick up high-quality ingredients from the farm and use an innovative approach to extract the end product. They train their employees well so that they can do their job with perfection. Health of people is the main concern of this company.

Native Roots

This company is also situated in Denver, CO. It makes both medicinal and recreational cannabis. You will find various ranges of products suited to your needs. The site also raises awareness about consuming cannabis. So, people will be able to know the good and bad sides of consuming this product, the safe dosage limit, and other important information about cannabis.



Located in San Francisco, this company is popular for making medical cannabis. They use an innovative approach to produce and distribute cannabis. The company promotes the good impacts of medical cannabis on our lives.

These companies have been selling cannabis for years and have the highest revenue each year. The companies are growing and have numerous branches in various locations across the country.