We, the team of BURMA DIGEST, representing our readers, here send our felicitations and congratulations to the newly elected extended exile government NCGUB (National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma), and its elected Priminister Minister & Ministers.

And we also praise and cheer and appreciate the wisdom and moral courage of the exile parliament MPU in safeguarding its unity, maintaining the people’s mandate it enjoys, and forming an exile government headed by a man of honesty and pristine decent.

We believe that, with its elected mandate from 1990 elections, with its being personal/special envoy of Burmese people’s unparalleled leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, with its esteemed non-violent national reconciliation strategies, and with the international credibility it enjoys, the NCGUB is the sole, legitimate, mandated and internationally recognized government of Burma in exile.

Of course, NCGUB during its nearly twenty years of service to the pro-democracy movement in exile may have shown many imperfections, or some inefficiencies and even elitism to some extent_ but, no man is perfect, there is a saying. And we noticed that there have been many critisms on the NCGUB. But an essential vital point which no one has to forget is that all these critisms are meant to be constructive advice, but not excuses to make a coup among ourselves. We denounce any attempts to destroy the unity of pro-demcoracy movement and any ulterior attempts to make military regime style coup d├ętat inside the pro-democracy movement.

So, we here give our felicitations and support to the new extended NCGUB as the ONE & the ONLY legitimate, mandated exile government of Burma.

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  • #1 LwinAungSoe Says:

    “No one’s perfect” is for ordinary people in social dealings because we can forgive. But, in politics, like religion, the perfect leader is needed at least for the time being. For Burma’s case, which is deeply sensitive and essentially smart in a race between democracy and dictatorship, the role of leaders must include wide and wise decision-making. The NCGUB should no longer be ordinary.

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